Why Choose MakeMyAppNOW?

There are a lot of developers out there, but there is only one MakeMyAppNOW.

Until now, there were basically two ways to have a mobile app:

1.    Hire a developer or agency to do it for you. These developers are almost as common as website developers, but prices to get a mobile app start at $10,000 to $20,000. Many agencies charge even more for a basic app.

2.    Use a Do-It-Yourself tool and make the app yourself. There are plenty of choices here too. If you are comfortable using such tools to build things yourself – maybe 15% of you – then DIY platforms are a solid option. However, the features these sites offer can be limited and the cost varies widely. For some a DIY tool will do. But what about everyone else?

MakeMyAppNOW is more like "custom light." We build to spec for you, using templated mobile app designs that we modify to fit your needs. This saves time and cost while at the same time provides a great quality app. MakeMyAppNOW has identified a range of categories and features in order to open up the world of mobile apps to anyone who wishes to market themselves. Additionally, for the many clients who want it, MakeMyAppNOW places advertising in the apps at no additional charge, which can turn your app into a new line of revenue.