Back in the 1990s, people wondered why they needed a website. Few people wonder about that now. The same thing is starting to happen with mobile apps and websites optimized for mobile phones.

Here are some basic benefits to having an app:

(a) Market yourself – almost everyone has a phone in their pocket and smartphones are the future. Never before was it possible to be so close to your users 100% of the time;

(b) Provide your customers and fans with enhanced knowledge about you and your product;  

(c) Let your brand become a useful tool and/or an entertainment device that people can keep going back to;

(d) Generate revenue. Earn money from ads, or sell your products or services;

(e) Having an app of your own means you will be ahead of your competitors and it is something you can keep promoting for years to come;

(f) Apps are great advertisements. Consider how much it costs to buy a half page ad in a newspaper. Chances are a MakeMyAppNOW app costs less, plus it doesn’t disappear forever once someone turns the page. Having an app means that every time someone scrolls through their phone they will see your brand, even if they don’t open up the app.


The numbers don't lie. We like charts and here are a few about the mobile industry.

Figure 1. App downloads will continue to rise. (eMarketer)

Apps could change everything

Figure 2. App Downloads to increase by 117% and app store revenues to triple in 2011. (Gartner study)

Gartner Mobile Study

Figure 3. Mobile advertising spending to more than double by 2014. (eMarketer)

mobile ad spending



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