Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?
Having a custom app can get very expensive, like $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 for a simple app! But MakeMyAppNOW apps cost much, much less – more like 75% less. Plus there are all sorts of features to choose from.

What phones will it work on?
MakeMyAppNOW can be built for most every kind of smartphone out there. That includes iPhone (and iPad), Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia and other platforms. We even make apps for non-smartphones (AKA Feature Phones).

Can I make money from advertising?
Yes. Basic applications include advertising, which turns your app into a new line of revenue. We sell the ads, but if you are also able to sell mobile ads that is fine too. If you don't want ads in your app, that is also all right.

Is this a Do-It-Yourself platform?
No. Working with MakeMyAppNOW is like hiring a development company. You'll speak to real people who will professionally design, build and launch your app. You don't have to be technical or use any kind of online tool.

How long will it take?
From the time we get all your content until we upload the finished app to the mobile store takes less than a month. (That’s pretty fast, but if you need it even sooner, we do provide rush orders.)

Do you test everything?
We sure do. We thoroughly test every app we build to make sure you get the highest quality, most reliable product out there.

Do you do custom work?

Yes. You can add additional features to your app, which are considered standard. But let’s say you want something even more intricate. For example, maybe you need custom reporting, or have to integrate your app with an existing database. Or maybe you want your app to be completely different from a MakeMyAppNOW experience – such as a game. We specialize in custom solutions and are happy to scope out projects with you.

Why do I need an app?

Back in the 1990s, people wondered why they needed a website. Few people wonder about that now. Very soon it will be the same thing when it comes to mobile apps and websites optimized for mobile phones. Here are some basic benefits to having an app: (a) Market yourself – almost everyone has a phone in their pocket, so never before was it possible to be so close to your users 100% of the time; (b) Provide your customers and fans with enhanced knowledge about you and your product;  (c) Let your brand become a useful tool and/or an entertainment device that people can keep going back to; (d) Having an app of your own means you will be ahead of your competitors and it is something you can keep promoting for years to come; (e) Apps are great advertisements. Consider how much it costs to buy a half page ad in a newspaper. Chances are a MakeMyAppNOW app costs less, plus it doesn’t disappear forever once someone turns the page. Having an app means that every time someone scrolls through their phone they will see your brand, even if they don’t open up the app. For more about the benefits of having an app, go to our Benefits section.

What if I want a mobile Internet site in addition to (or instead of) an app?

We can give you a mobile site in addition to (or instead of) an app. Sometimes it makes sense to have both, because you always want to be where your customers are.

What if I want text messaging?
We can integrate your app with your existing text service, or we can set up an SMS platform for you. We have tons of experience in the SMS space and are happy to discuss the advantages of including text messaging in your mobile marketing plans.

How do I make changes to my app?

MakeMyAppNOW is meant to be easy. We build it once, then you don’t have to touch it again. For example, let’s say you want an Events Calendar as part of your app. We patch the app directly into the Events listing on your website. That way when you change your website, the information on the app will change as well. The same goes for rich media like photo galleries on Flikr or Picassa, as well as videos on YouTube. If it turns out that you need us to host your content, or you want us to make updates to your app, we are happy to do that as well.

What business categories is MakeMyAppNOW good for?
Check out the category listings. We have apps for all sorts of business and individual needs, like restaurants, venues, retail stores, radio and TV stations, museums, schools, charities, authors, musicians, athletes, political candidates, doctors and many more.

What if my business category is not listed in your choices?

If you don’t see your general category listed, just give us a call. It’s pretty certain that we can make an app that’s right for your needs.

How can I contact you?

Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or by calling us toll free at 800-574-1640.