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MakeMyAppNOW – the least expensive way to get a custom mobile app

MakeMyAppNOW builds deeply discounted applications for any business, organization or individual who wants to market themselves in the mobile space.

Orlando, FL (March 21, 2011) – From the CTIA Convention, AlKal Media Group, a New York and Washington, D.C. based production agency, announces the launch of MAKEMYAPPNOW, which combines custom mobile development with a template approach to deliver low cost, high quality mobile apps.

Different from Do-It-Yourself platforms or expensive custom development, MakeMyAppNOW is more like “custom lite.” MMAN builds the apps, does all the testing, and adds the client’s branding. Pre-built templates covering a range of features have been created to serve a broad client and business base.

MakeMyAppNOW targets a number of verticals, including:

  • Retailers and Small Businesses
  • Restaurants and Venues
  • Television and Radio Stations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Political Candidates
  • Doctors and other service providers
  • Artists & Individuals (e.g. authors, musicians, celebrities, athletes)

Clients give their content to MakeMyAppNOW and in less than a month the app is published on the mobile platform(s), as directed by clients. Each application is developed and tested internally and can be optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows and Palm Pre/HP.

“We build it for you. That’s an important distinction from do-it-yourself platforms,” says Al Kalman, President of MMAN. “Because much of the backend construction is already complete, we are able to charge considerably less than traditional development shops.”

MakeMyAppNOW apps include basic features plus any a la carte additions, such as photo galleries, news feeds, shopping cart functionality, text alerts and many more. Applications can generate revenue through advertising and from product purchases via the app.

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MakeMyAppNow provides high quality mobile applications for a variety of businesses and industries. All applications are fully tested and can be placed on any mobile device. Please visit us at

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